Submission Process

After you send your submission email, you will go through the following processes:

The clock starts when the manuscript is received by the Editorial Office. 

Internal Checks (3 days)
Editorial Office Checklist: the following two outcomes will apply.
     1. The check is passed, the external review experts are identified and submitted for external review.
     2. The check does not pass, which may be due to formatting errors, major problems with English writing, or not meeting the goals and scope of the journal, etc (The article can be resubmitted after revision).

Peer Review 
    1. Peer Review (15-20 days)
    Review comments are returned to the editor.
    2. Evaluating Recommendation (7 days) 
    Editor evaluates reviewer comments and sends them to authors.
     a. Minor revision(15-20 days)
    There are no major problems with the article in general, but the details are slightly modified.
     b. Major revision (more than 10 days)
    The article is heavily altered and the author may choose to drop it.
    3. Revision Submitted to Journal
    The author revises the article as required and resubmits it to the editor.
    4. Final Result (7 days)
    There will be the following two conditions: accepted or rejected.

Formal Acceptance and Publication (7 days)
    The author signs to confirm the copyright and thesis contribution statement, and the assistant editor completes the proof, until the official online publication. 

Instructions for authors