MSPL Publishing Policies

The person submitting the paper should carefully check that all those who have contributed to the paper are recognized as contributing authors. The list of authors should include all individuals who can legally claim authorship. Obtaining funding, collecting data, or providing general supervision to the research team does not constitute authorship.

Any contributors who do not meet the criteria for authorship should be listed in an acknowledgements section. Examples of those who might be acknowledged include a person who provided purely technical assistance, or a department chair who provided only general support.

Declaration of Conflict of Interest
Our journals encourage authors to include a declaration of any conflicts of interest and recommend that you read the best practice guidelines on the Instructions for Authors of MSPL Journals.

Author Publication Agreement
MSPL requires authors to sign a Journal Contributor's Publishing Agreement prior to publication. The MSPL Journals Contributor's Publishing Agreement is an exclusive license agreement, meaning that the author retains copyright in the work, but grants MSPL the sole and exclusive right and license to publish for the full legal term of copyright.

Authors are responsible for obtaining permission from copyright holders to reproduce illustrations, tables, figures, or lengthy quotations that have been published elsewhere. For further information, including guidance on fair dealing for criticism and review, please see our Frequently Asked Questions on the Instructions for Authors of MSPL Journals.