Peer Review Policy

The manuscript will be handled by one JDSSI editor who will coordinate the review process and serve as the main contact person for the authors and reviewers.

JDSSI follows double anonymous peer review, which means that the authors do not know the identity of the reviewers and the reviewers do not know the identity of the authors. The peer review results are evaluated by the academic and editorial committee, and at least two anonymous peer review reports are required for each submitted manuscript. If there is a significant divergence and disagreement in the review opinions, the journal editor will invite a third peer review expert to review.

The journal's reviewers should have a sense of social responsibility and a passion for serving academia. 

The following standards apply to all Dual-Anonymous Peer Review reviewers:

  • They should not have a conflict of interest with the authors of the manuscript;
  • They should not be from the same institution as the authors of the manuscript;
  • They should not have published a paper with the author in the past three years;
  • They should have a doctorate or highest degree in the relevant field;
  • They should have relevant experience and have a verified publication record in the field of the submitted paper (Scopus or ORCID);
  • They should be an experienced scholar in the field of the submitted paper;
  • They should have an official and recognized academic background.

Reviewers who are accepted for review should:

  • Have the expertise required to judge the quality of the manuscript;
  • Provide quality review reports and remain actively responsive throughout the peer review;
  • Maintain professional and ethical standards;

Reviewers who accept the invitation to review have 7-10 days to write a review report and can request an extension to submit their review opinion as required.

When preparing a double anonymous manuscript, follow these guidelines:

Remove all personal information about the authors from the manuscript, including but not limited to names, affiliations, and institutions. Remove direct citations to the authors' previous publications in the reference list. It is recommended to display all citations in full so that reviewers and editors can fully evaluate your work.

When submitting, remove the institutional or funding information in the funding/ethics/acknowledgment section of the manuscript, but this information can be added to the non-anonymous source file required when submitting the revision.

The above is not complete, please use the anonymous manuscript format on our journal website to help you complete the submission.

Instructions for authors