• Volume 1 2023 - Issue 2

JDSSI 20231(2), 39-42; https://doi.org/10.59528/ms.jdssi2023.1011br9 - October 11, 2023


Kaixi Fan

Open Access
Book Review
Keywords: Design research; Cross-disciplinary; Design theory; Method


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Keywords: DESIS-China; DESIS lab; Design Education; Social Innovation; Sustainable Design

Zhao Zhewen 1*   

Abstract: DESIS is a leading advocate and organization for social innovation and sustainable design, actively promoting international exchange and communication in design education for over a decade. Since its establishment in 2009, DESIS-China has had a significant impact on the field of social innovation design and design education in China. The Journal of Design Service and Social Innovation invited Associate Professor Miaosen Gong from the School of Design at Jiangnan University for a special interview. The interview covered various topics including the establishment, development, and organizational structure of DESIS, the remarkable achievements of DESIS-China in the field of social innovation, the differences in social innovation between Eastern and Western contexts, the influence of DESIS on design education in China, and the prospects for the future development of DESIS. In this study, based on research and analysis from different perspectives, a relatively comprehensive understanding of DESIS is formed, highlighting the practical effectiveness of DESIS-China in the Chinese design education community while promoting the global dissemination and exchange of Chinese social innovation concepts.

Open Access
Innovation Research

Miaosen Gong 1, 

JDSSI 20231(2), 16-26; https://doi.org/10.59528/ms.jdssi2023.0912a7 - September 12, 2023

Song Yi 1,

JDSSI 20231(2), 1-14; https://doi.org/10.59528/ms.jdssi2023.0723a6 - July 23, 2023


Keywords: Urban brand; Individuation; Shangrao City; IP design

Jiawei Wu,  

Qiong Li,*

Open Access

Miao Yi  

Practical Research


Abstract: Based on IP-based urban branding, distinctive urban images are created to achieve favorable social and economic benefits. This paper establishes a four-in-one urban brand IP logic framework of “IP positioning - IP image - IP products - IP scenarios.” It thoroughly reviews the urban characteristics of Shangrao, Jiangxi province, and the Shangrao urban brand IP “YELLOWFLOWERS” (“黄花花” in Chinese). The “YELLOWFLOWERS” series of cultural and creative derivatives further introduces locally distinctive products.

JDSSI 20231(2), 27-38; https://doi.org/10.59528/ms.jdssi2023.1009a8 - October 09, 2023

Open Access

Yixiong Hua,

Song Qiu * 

Research Article


Keywords: Mapping; Architectural science; Urban cultural map; Urban research

Abstract: Urban cultural maps are important analytical tools that can guide urban design and planning from the perspective of information, provide services for urban cultural development, promote cultural planning and the construction of urban space, and reflect and promote the process of urban cultural progress in a dynamic way. Mapping is often used as a process tool for mapping, cognition, and analysis in geography or surveying and has recently been applied in architectural science. The field of architecture has given mapping a new definition and played a certain role in urban research and development. This article introduces the concepts of mapping and urban cultural maps, as well as the relationship between them. Through a review of theoretical research and relevant practices, it provides new perspectives and possibilities for urban development.

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