You can also choose other related services from other institutions, by attaching the relevant proof to your submission.

Developmental/ substantive editing

Editing services

To help you improve your manuscript and prepare it for submission, the Journal of Design Service and Social Innovation provides a range of editing services.  For more information, including pricing, visit the following website.

Choice Language Service 



Tel: +886229188128


Web: or (in Chinese)


Tel: +8613121272630

Proofreading Service

Proofreading corrects grammatical errors to comply with the requirements of final-stage English checking before publication.

Punctuation errors 

Capitalization errors 

Spelling errors 

Tense/time errors 

Singular/plural errors

Localize your documents by having them proofread by native speakers.


Copyediting catches inappropriate use of technical words and makes minor changes for expression accuracy and consistency. 

All Proofreading service

Scientific word misuse

Inaccurate technical word

Inconsistent expression

Invalid syntax

Copyediting catches THE inappropriate use of technical words

Line/deep editing

Line/deep editing performs in-depth revision and rephrasing on sentence clarity, structure, cohesion, and transition.

All Copyediting service

Free cover letter drafting

Obscure expression

Sentence structural errors

Weak cohesion/transition

Developmental/substantive editing comprehensively improves presentation structure, logicalness, and scientific preciseness.

All Line editing service

Free evaluation report

Poor scientific structure

Weak presentation logic

Free re-edit of 30% contents