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About Michelangelo Scholar Publish Limited

MICHELANGELO SCHOLAR PUBLISH LIMITED (MSPL) was registered in Hong Kong on January 17th, 2023. MSPL is an Open Access(OA)academic publishing platform for designers and related researchers. MSPL is mainly engaged in the publication of international journals in English and cultural exchange, dedicated to design, architecture and art research, and striving to achieve global leadership in these fields. MSPL's subordinate journals now include the following three: the Journal of Design Service and Social Innovation (JDSSI), the Journal of Ancient Chinese Arts and Crafts (JACAC), and the Journal of Architecture and Urban Design (JAUD), which reflect the latest research in their fields, and are accessible worldwide in print and online. In addition, MSPL provides a waiver on Article Processing Charges (APCs) for all authors.

MSPL will comply with the principles of transparency and best practice of academic publications established by organizations such as The Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), DOAJ, the Open Access Scholarly Publishing Association (OASPA), and the World Association of Medical Editors (WAME). The transparency and best practice principles of academic publishing apply to all published content in MSPL journals, and transparently communicate the academic evaluation and publication procedures followed by the journals.

MSPL is committed to the principle of open access and has a responsibility to promote the accessibility, diversity, fairness, and inclusivity of the journal articles on our website, thereby promoting social progress and cultural diversity. The editors of MSPL journals will also adhere to the basic principles of academic ethics and academic values first, and will handle manuscripts based on academic standards and a neutral attitude. The editors will not be influenced by the source of the manuscript, including the nationality, ethnicity, political beliefs, race, or religion of the authors. MSPL is committed to building a digital scholarly community with high reputation and equality.

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Covering architectural design, urban design, urban culture and other fields, JAUD is an academic platform for inheriting historical context, maintaining ecological sustainability and creating a better living environment. JAUD aims to explore the history, theories and schemes related to architecture and urban design, promote the sustainable development of the ecological environment, and strive to achieve global leadership in the field. The primary goal of JAUD is to focus on academic research rather than profit-making.

Researchers from various fields are welcome to submit manuscripts.

JACAC is an academic platform dedicated to the dissemination of ancient Chinese arts and crafts culture, covering the fields of ancient Chinese painting, sculpture, calligraphy, handicrafts and so on. JACAC aims to share the arts and crafts culture, thought and theory of ancient China, disseminate the brilliant achievements of ancient Chinese arts and crafts, promote the study of ancient Chinese arts and crafts culture, and strive to be in the leading position in this field. The primary goal of JACAC is to focus on academic research rather than profit-making. 

Researchers from different fields are welcome to submit manuscripts.

JDSSI covers the fields of design service, social innovation, and design culture, and is an academic platform dedicated to the study of design issues and the exploration of social innovation service approaches. JDSSI aims to share innovative design ideas and solutions, explore issues such as sustainable design and consumer services and promote design for harmonious social development and multicultural exchange, with a particular focus on the dissemination of design theories and ideas between East and West across cultures. It hopes to promote the development of design and culture between East and West, and strives to be in the leading position in this field

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